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Hoffeldt Motor Group


Robert Hoffeldt, a name synonymous with Bronkhorstspruit itself, started as a Sigma Dealer on 1 October 1981 from a rented premises in Church Street.


At the age of 29, he took pride in the fact that he was the youngest who started his own Dealership. Today, with lots of blessing from above, sheer determination and hard work, the Hoffeldt Motor Group consists of Franchises being Ford and Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai, as well as Datsun, Renault and Mitsubishi.

Like all things in life, this success story was no walk in the park. Robert is 1 of 10 children and was brought up by his mother after his father was killed in a car accident when he was four years old. He endured a childhood of hardship and remembers wearing patched clothes and walking to school barefoot.


In 1973, Robert started his career in the Motor Industry with Toyota SA where he started from the bottom as a Parts Interpreter. His dedication, however, was soon apparent and after three years, he had been appointed a District Manager in Bloemfontein.


In 1979, Robert joined Sigma Motor Corporation and when Bronkhorstspruit was identified as one of the 8 growth areas in the country, he made the bold move to start his own business – and never looked back.


Roberts’ fairytale success continued unbridled. By 1984 he had worked hard enough to be able to build his own new premises in Church Street where Hoffeldt Auto is still situated today. In 1987 he started Rob’s Nissan and in 1988 Robert consolidated his growing business empire by buying the Mercedes-Benz premises in Lanham Street where Rob’s Nissan is situated today.


Another new venture started in 1992 when the Hoffeldt Group opened Bronkhorstspruit Delta at 46 Church Street and in 1993 once again he proved his confidence in Bronkhorstspruit with another investment when he acquired the Volkswagen Franchise, situated in Lanham Street.


For Robert it was a personal achievement and a historic day in his career when he purchased the eldest garage in town from the Lazarus family in 1994 to add the Ford franchise to his empire.

Besides being a businessman, Robert was also very much involved in the community. In 1989 Robert was elected as Councillor and also immediately as Deputy Mayor of Bronkhorstspruit. A development which can be viewed as all too natural happened in 1990; Robert was appointed Mayor of Bronkhorstspruit.


The Group are also involved in various sponsorships for the local Sport Clubs and Schools, and were the proud sponsor of the first Sirkelstraatmyl in which athletes such as Johan Fourie and Deon Brummer participated. For five years, the event was a highlight in Bronkhorstspruit, attended by several schools. As rugby is his favourite sport, Robert sponsors the First Team of both the town and Erasmus High School.


Above all, Robert is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and daughters Hannericke, Hanroëtte and Hanuscke. He is also very thankful that Amanda supported him from day one in the business and that his eldest daughter Hannericke joined the Group in 2004 after completing her studies at the University of Pretoria.


No business can survive without dedicated personnel and Robert is fortunate to have personnel who are with the group since 1985. Robert is still managing a very successful Motor Group, which is growing year after year.

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